IOMAC 2024 panel release – SAF: is best the enemy of good?

We are delighted to unveil our third panel of the IOM Aviation Conference which looks at the challenges faced by the industry in both decarbonising and in achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. Aviation is under unprecedented demand to decarbonise or face the consequences of increased taxation and/or banishment. SAF is just one part of the strategy to meet the net zero goal of 2050 (not to mention the other goals/targets that it needs to meet in the interim).

We’ll ask, is the aviation industry too focused on finding the perfect solution rather than working with what we have right now? Can we achieve the goals that have been set and what is the reality of not being successful here? How do we get the energy, finance and aviation industries to come together to highlight and resolve roadblocks?

We are looking forward to an honest, passionate debate from speakers who are the industry experts in this field:

  • Dr Ulrike Ziegler– President, IMPACT on sustainable aviation
  • Kerri Moss – Founder & CEO, Impetus Carbon
  • Maureen Gautier– Sustainability and Workforce Manager, European Business Aviation Association (EBAA)
  • Bruce Parry– Senior Advisor (Industry Affairs), Bombardier
  • Phil Beattie – Head of Strategic Relationships, SparkChange

The IOM Aviation Conference is set to take place on Wednesday 26 June at Bradda Glen on the Isle of Man. 

With less than 5 weeks to go we are already set to be a sell-out event! Tickets are now extremely limited, so if you are hoping to attend but are yet to secure your ticket, now is your time to do so!

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