IOMAC 2024 panel release – A challenging environment

We are delighted to unveil our second panel of the conference – led by Dave Edwards – which will look at the challenges business aviation is facing over and above simply becoming sustainable.

Europe and the US remain as the heaviest users of business aviation use notwithstanding increasing activity in South America, Asia and Africa. However, we now see the greatest obstacles to business aviation coming from Europe and the US in terms of increased taxation, regulation, short haul bans, flight shaming etc. Additionally, leaders of business and industry are facing increasing scrutiny over ESG goals and strategy. Even if business aviation was to achieve its sustainability goals, will the challenges stop? Is it an easy vote win for politicians to pick on business aviation? Is it an argument of wealth distribution and is it hypocritical? We cannot ‘wash the oceans’ in terms of media so how do we effectively communicate the value that BA brings?

Panellists include:

  • Katie de Luca – Partner, Harper Meyer LLP
  • Lindsey Oliver – Managing Director, BBGA Ltd
  • James Moreton – Client Executive Director, Gallagher
  • Marc Cornelius – Founder & CEO, 8020 Communications

Moderator: Dave Edwards  – Chief Executive, Royal Aeronautical Society

The IOM Aviation Conference is set to take place on Wednesday 26 June at Bradda Glen on the Isle of Man.

With just over two months to go we are already set to be a sell-out event! Tickets are now extremely limited, so if you are hoping to attend but are yet to secure your ticket, now is your time to do so!

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