How to have a great experience at IOMAC 23

How to have a great experience at IOMAC 23

Here are our 7 tips on how to maximise your experience at this years Isle of Man Aviation Conference on 21 June 2023:

  1. Running shoes: whether you are a runner or a walker, the promenade in Douglas allows an easy 5k run along the beautiful bay. Do not forget to pack a pair of trainers (and hopefully sunglasses).
  2. Photos: make sure to get plenty of photos with uniquely iconic cars at the Motor Museum networking event on 21 June after the conference ends.
  3. Milky Quayle: the Isle of Man’s very own TT champion will be providing a tour of the TT course on route to the Motor Museum. Make sure to spot every place he has broken a bone(s) and get a selfie with the man himself after!
  4. Try the queenies: in addition to the local speciality of cheese, chips and gravy (think Manx poutine) the small locally caught scallops are a delicacy – perfectly sweet and tender queenies. If you have time the majority of pubs and restaurants will have these on the menu.
  5. Arrive early: many attendees arrive early to get in some pre-conference socialising. Get in contact to find out who else will be there and suggest a meeting place for lunch. The pubs and eateries along the quayside get the lunchtime sun and are a hotspot for pint and a chat.
  6. Tour of IOMAR: Simon Williams and his amazing team are always available for a tour of the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry situated at the airport. Get in contact and arrange a catch up with great views of the airport apron.
  7. Have fun: the Isle of Man Aviation Conference does have serious topics and panels to discuss the issues pressing the business aviation industry. However, it is also a relaxed atmosphere with great networking opportunities and always fun. Remember to relax and enjoy the full IOMAC experience!

The Isle of Man Aviation Conference is a breath of fresh air and a must for any aviation professionals event calendar each year. It is an unique opportunity where one can hear from the industries top contributors, all within an environment and charm that enables effortless, relaxed networking to build new and harness existing relationships.”

Sean O’Leary, Sales Director, Jetcraft

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